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Hey there! Having spent the past 3 years working on multiple in-house projects and a couple that are currently deployed and doing extremely well, such as Jobspire with 4.5 million visits/year and over 200,000 customers!, I believe that I am at the perfect place and time to offer my services and make sure you get the returns you're looking for. I have 4+ years of experience in - • Ruby on Rails, scaled up to handle thousands of users • Paperclip, Devise and other popular Rails gems. • Deploying apps on Heroku & AWS • Memcached, Redis and other caching techniques. • HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery • Frameworks like Bootstrap & Foundation • Front-end technologies like React.js • Development techniques like Responsive design, Parallax and a host of others. Get in touch with me if you are interested. I'm sure I'll be able to convert your idea into full-fledged reality in no time.

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