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As enterprise-level web developers and designers, we pride ourselves on creating outstanding online experiences in record time for our clientele. Whether it's an ecommerce site, a subscription site, or a directory, we know what it takes to prototype, test, and launch massive sites in short order. Our process goes like this: 1. We design mockups using raw HTML and CSS that you can visit and review using any browser of your choice. We believe this is a superior approach to the standard wireframe mockups because it allows clients to get a real glimpse of what and how their websites will look and feel early on. 2. After submitting the initial design, we work with you to make changes as needed to achieve the exact user experience you're looking for. 3. After all design work is approved, we then move onto implementing advanced features and functionality that will allow users to interact with your site. Examples would include logging in, selecting products, using a checkout form, saving data within an account, interacting with other users via a chat or email feature, etc. 4. Once we fully implement all requested features, the next step is to test those features and the site itself on all major browsers to ensure full compatibility. At this stage, we strongly encourage you to try out all the features yourself to ensure that they're working to your satisfaction. 5. After that, we transfer the site and all site assets to your server and prep for the launch. Our team is well-versed in the following: - WordPress - Magento - Laravel - Symfony - HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - PHP - MySQL - Responsive Web Design

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