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⌚️ 40 hours a week availability ------------ ✅ 10+ Years Web Design and Development Experience ✅ WordPress and Internet Marketing Expert ✅ eCommerce Website Developer ✅ Speed Optimizations Specialist As an experienced WordPress developer, I have a deep understanding of the WordPress platform and can develop custom themes and plugins to meet specific client needs. My ability to create visually stunning and unique websites sets me apart from other developers. With my extensive knowledge of the this platform, I can customize WordPress to meet client specifications, whether they require a simple blog or a complex eCommerce website. My expertise in this area enables me to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly, ensuring that client websites are running smoothly. In addition, I am an expert in website speed optimizations. I understand the importance of website speed, as slow loading times can result in poor user experiences and high bounce rates. My skills in speed optimization include techniques such as image optimization, browser caching, content delivery network (CDN) integration, and code minification. I am proficient in testing and measuring website speed and performance to identify areas that need improvement. My combination of skills in WordPress development and speed optimizations makes me a valuable asset to any team looking to create high-quality, high-performing WordPress websites.

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