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Got a great new idea? Think it might be a patentable invention? Find out! Get the Examiners Edge: the Patentability Professionals If you want a US patent it is critical to understand that only a current US Patent examiner can issue a patent! Why you should have the Examiners Edge: Only current US patent examiners can issue US patents. We are former US patent examiners. Examiners know how examiners think. Examiners are specially trained at the USPTO in the peculiar art of patent examination. Examiners hold university degrees in science and engineering. Examiners know the methods by which examiners read patent applications. Examiners know how examiners locate the prior art references that are used either to reject or to issue patent applications. Examiners know how to use the search tools and techniques of the best patent search team in the world. Examiners know how to navigate the intricacies of the complex USPTO system of patent classification. Examiners know how to use the Bible of patent examination: the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure. Examiners know the means by which examiners will combine references and construct office actions. Examiners know how patent applications are allowed to mature into patents within the USPTO system. Only a US patent examiner can issue a US patent. Examiners are experts at making patentability determinations. Sometimes it takes one to know one. That’s why we recommend you get the Examiners Edge. What we provide: • Top quality patentability searches performed by expert former USPTO examiners at reasonable rates! • A professional patentability report that summarizes the most relevant prior art references that relate to your invention. • Completely unbiased information about how a US patent examiner is likely to think about the merits of your invention. We enable YOU to make a well informed decision about how to proceed with your invention. The Examiners Edge Advantage: We know patentability: Your invention will receive a through, professional patentability search performed by an expert former United States Patent Examiner. Your patentability search report will be created using the special methodology taught by those having ordinary skill in the art of patentability as disclosed by the US Patent and Trademark office. We are specialists: Identifying the most relevant prior art that must be considered to distinguish truly patentable subject matter is our specialty. Beware: many patent practioners have never personally issued a single patent! Ask. The patentability professionals at examiners edge have actually issued many, many US patents! We are not generalists- we are specialists. We are not lawyers: We don’t provide legal advice. We don’t do law suits. We don’t provide opinions. And we won’t overcharge you. We have connections: examiners edge has excellent contacts through our colleagues inside the US Patent and Trademark office. We can also refer you to many excellent outside attorneys and agents who would be happy to provide you with any additional services that you may need. About Examiners Edge: The founder of Examiners Edge has personally performed and evaluated more than 1200 patentability searches on US patents and published applications, European patents, Japanese patents, and non patent literature. As the Patent Research Manager at one of Northern Virginia’s top patent law firms, he supervised the patentability research activities of a team of former US patent examiners engaged in evaluation of electrical, mechanical, and business methods inventions regarding novelty and non-obviousness. A former US Patent Examiner himself combined with over 15 years of engineering experience, he was trained at the USPTO to perform patentability search activities on inventive disclosures of medium to high complexity. He has helped inventors and patent professionals alike analyze inventive disclosures for technical accuracy, enablement, and describe the structure and function necessary to establish the metes and bounds of an invention. Top reasons to do a patentability search according to a renowned Patent Attorney: • To determine whether you can get a patent • To avoid needless expenditures and work • To provide background to facilitate preparation of your patent application • To know whether to describe and draw components • To provide more information about operability and design • To obtain commercial information • To obtain possible express proof of unobviousness • To define around the prior art to facilitate prosecution • To learn your inventions novel features so as to expedite prosecution • To facilitate licensing or sale or your invention • To find out what you really invented • To get a stronger patent • To get your patent application examined ahead of turn • To determine if your invention will infringe any in-force patents

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