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I am experienced software developer interested in tasks that require unusual approach or special algorithms. I like projects that combine cutting-edge technologies and create new ones. Tasks related to some of the following topics may be very interesting to me: Parallel/distributed computing, Android applications, Django, GameDev, Data analysis, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Scientific research. I have strong background in programming and math. My programming experience is focused (but not limited) in Python, C++ and Java. I use Git and Svn version control systems, Redmine as project management and bug tracking system. Python: Everyday I use Python in the area of GameDev (online game scripting), Web development (lots of websites, mainly Django + Celery + other interesting apps), Education and science (CV, ML, Data analysis, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, networkX), Prototyping C++ experience: I use C++ when performance is a critical point. I used Qt framework in many projects. For example, huge scientific project (cluster-computing) has client part monitoring, hashing and synchronizing content of directories on different client machines and server computational data. (something like "specialized Dropbox") Another example of my C++ job is Android project with native C++ part for recognizing and tracking faces. Tracking data after noise-filtering is transfered to Java part via JNI-interface. Java: I use Java for Android development. For example, one of my project is Cadabr ( - application that allows you to take a picture, resize it, give it a name and upload to server (Django + some other parts) via HTTP for posting to different social networks. Another example of my java work I already pointed is application with real time faces recognition and tracking function. As I already noticed, my skills are not limited by these programming languages. I have very strong background in SQL-databases (MySQL, Ms SQL Server, Postgres, Sqlite). Also I have some experience in C#, Java SE, Delphi, ASM. I have some Linux administration skills required for maintaining development and production servers. Making things work well is my passion and inspiration. I am very excited in programming! I always keep open for new projects and tasks and look forward for your response! :)

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Data Science
Big Data
Python Scikit-Learn
Responsive Design
Machine Learning

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