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I'm the principal of Run Success--an international consulting and business coaching firm, dedicated to helping people create the best profitable business they can. Good consultants and coaches specialize, and we’ve honed our skills in 3 distinct areas: - Starting a Business - Making Money - Getting Organized ---------- My experience comes in an important trifecta not easily found with everyone who claims to be a good consultant: Education--trained in sociology, economics, and English, with full MBA coursework Successful entrepreneur--I've been an entrepreneur for the last 12 years, and have had success in a variety of investments across multiple industries to include professional services, online retail, import/export, international trade, and nonprofits. Professional consultant--I've been a professional consultant for the last 6 years. Once my entrepreneurial pursuits paid off, I pursued an MBA and then began to consult based on my education and real world experience. Not only do I know how to do what is required for a small/medium business to succeed; I also know how to consult about it, and I'm a trained coach who knows how to relate to my customers. ---------- Here's what I provide within each of my 3 specialties: (1) Starting a business Business startup consultation Idea generation Product and service pricing models Motivation coaching Product and service descriptions (2) Making money Revenue and profit review Financial statement analysis Financial statement preparation Bookkeeping review Financial system consultation and setup (so that you can manage on your own going forward) Finance training (in language that you can understand) Marketing consultation Premium offering development (3) Getting organized Setting up systems to help you get more done in less time (works surprisingly well even when done virtually) System review and consulting Coaching to help you get organized Executive training for operations Operations system setup (so that you can then manage the system on your own) I offer these services, and can also custom build services, as long as it falls within my 3 primary target areas. Backed with full MBA coursework, 6 years of professional consulting, and 12 years of entrepreneurial experience, my consulting and coaching digs deep into the heart of your issue to bring resolution to the challenges you face. My website gives more details about what I You may also want to sign up for my weekly mailing list to get FREE WEEKLY GUIDES that help you build the business you deserve.

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