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Most likely you’re surfing through various Upwork profiles at the moment. You see a lot of “market leaders,” “top providers,” “professional services,” etc., but what actually differentiates them from one another? To be honest, I don’t know—they all look the same to me. But I definitely know what makes us different. - To begin with, we don’t just sell hours, technologies, features, or domain areas. We make the whole product that suits your business needs, whether it’s a high-tech SaaS, a mobile app, or a landing page. - Our company’s size is intentionally kept small. Our recruiting process is fairly strict: we interview only 10 candidates from among 40 CVs, and only one candidate from those 10 receives a chance to work in our company. In addition to technical skills, we evaluate English proficiency and personal qualities (our recruiters have a Master of Psychology degree) to find a perfect match for our skilled and friendly team—and for your project, of course. - There are no communication hassles or hidden payments. We don’t have project managers—at all. You talk directly to a specialist who works on your project, eliminating “broken phone” issues. This also means that you pay only for work done, not for managers’ compensation. The only other person you talk to besides the developer is an account manager, who takes responsibility for organizational and financial details. In the event that you would need a bigger team, the project is headed by a Team Lead, who is deeply involved in the project from a developer’s perspective. - We value consistency. We don’t shuffle people among projects according to our own needs. Rather, we dedicate people to your projects to suit your needs. Only unforeseen circumstances would lead to a developer turnover. You’ve probably all been there . . . a lone freelancer suddenly ghosts you and stops responding to your messages right in the middle of an urgent project. But that’s never a problem with us—we just give you another developer. - Knowing what you can do is important, but knowing what you can’t do is even more important. We never accept a project that’s outside our area of expertise. We never work with a client who doesn’t have respect for the people who work for him. And we don’t take projects just because we need some revenue—we take projects because they look interesting to work on. As yours will be, we hope. - We are very flexible in terms of business processes. We can smoothly integrate into whatever processes and tools you use (we have experience with dozens of those, from Asana to JIRA to Wrike). If that kind of thing doesn’t matter to you, we will suggest our Agile-based approach, using OpenProject as a task tracker and documentation platform, GitLab for management of repositories, Jenkins for Continuous Integration, and OwnCloud for sharing large files such as PSDs. - We are a full-cycle company. This means we are familiar with all stages of the development process and can take on a project at any stage, whether it’s exploring ideas, collecting requirements, wireframing, developing in the middle stages, or providing support. - We’re fluent in English. We aren’t native speakers, but we have nice and understandable accents, and we provide English classes for our whole company. - We work in the Premium segment. Most likely we won’t be the cheapest option among all the others. We might even be the most expensive. Why? Because the best specialists have a high salary. Because we don't “buy” you with a cheap offer, only to increase it rapidly during development at at time when you can’t change developers because you have too much invested in the project at that stage. Because we factor risks into our estimates. Because we want you to have a clear picture of the scope of the work to be done and its price. And for many other reasons that depend on the particulars of your project. We promise to put that all on the table up front before we begin any work.

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