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Hostwel is a couple of talented people focused on helping nonprofits achieve their mission. WE ARE COMMITTED We are committed to operating our company in a manner that recognizes and supports the work that is being done by non-profit agencies to address the critical needs of society. We believe that we can do our part by supporting ongoing technology needs for non-profit service providers. “Doing work that matters and that we are proud of; everything else is a bi-product of this core tenet.” SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE Most socially responsible businesses aim to achieve their business objectives in a caring and responsible manner recognizing the economic, social and environmental impacts of their activities. At Hostwel we choose to participate with society instead of just trying not to harm it; responsible participation. What does this look like for us? For us it is actively supporting industries and organizations that have missions focused on addressing societal issues such as Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, and Economic Justice. What does this mean for Hostwel’s clients? Allied dedication. We attend relevant conferences and do research so that we understand how we can better assist in our mutual passions. We leverage technology so our clients can improve the efficacy of their approach to achieve their missions. Technology is ubiquitous, but some industries have IT deficiencies and are being left behind. These are the industries that we partner with to actively participate in the good that they do. We believe that we have built a solid foundation in our work that will support and reflect the values of the agencies we partner with. We also believe that the more technology becomes ingrained in our society, we will have more opportunities for shared creation and growth.

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  1. Web Development
  2. SQL
  3. Graphic Design
  4. PHP
  5. Joomla
  6. Squarespace
  7. Web Host Manager
  8. Information Technology Strategy
  9. JavaScript
  10. Branding
  11. Database Design
  12. WordPress
  13. HIPAA

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