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We provide Circuit Design, Simulation, Schematics Capture, PCB Design Services with in depth Research and Analysis


More than 9 years experience in Circuit Design and PCB Layout Design, Simulation, Programming and Product Development. Upto 10 layers of PCB layout design with small form factor and SMD components We are expert in Electronic Circuits Design and Simulation. Micro-controller programming. Analog Circuit Design and Digital Circuits Design and Development. Vast experience in electronics field. Our team consist of highly motivated and professional Electronic and Electrical Engineers having expertise in various domains of electronics like RF, Power Electronics, Embedded, Printed Circuit Boards, Schematics Capture, PCB layout, GERBER, BOM, Parts list generation,. Following are the PIC Microchip and ATMEL Micro-controllers that we have worked on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PIC10F222, PIC12F675, PIC12F629, PIC16F84, PIC16F628, PIC16F676, PIC18F4550, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA64 AT89C2051, AT89C51, Arduino UNO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Electronic Devices and Domains we are expert in the following ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diode, MOSFET, BJT, IGBT, TRIACs, SCR, OPAMPs (Operational Amplifier), Instrumentation Amplifier, Differential amplifier, EEG Circuit, ECG Circuit Transistors NPN/PNP , Amplifier, Sallen Key Filter, Active Filter, Passive Filter, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Audio Circuit, Audio Electronics, Audio Amplifier, Hearing Aid loop amplifier, boomer, speaker driver, power amplifier, Class A, Class B, Class AB, Class C amplifier, Push Pull amplifier, Electret Microphone amplifier, LR phone jacks, mono stereo circuits, programmable gain, audio recording, TDA7297, LM358, LM4950, Integrated Circuit, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Voltage Regulators, Switching Converters, PMICs, Under voltage Protection circuit, Over voltage Protection circuit, Super Capacitors, Chargers, Charge Management Circuit, Lithium Ion Battery Chargers, Li-ion Battery, Power Supply, Solar, Inverter, Stabilizer, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Relays, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RF, Microwave, Antenna Design, ADS Software, HFSS Software, Simulation, Circuit Design ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Proximity Sensor, IR Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Sensor Array, Sensor Matrix, Sensor Interface LM35 temperature sensor interface with ICL-7107 display IC Experience with PT-100 and K type and T-Type thermocouple calibration. DS18B20 based Temperature control unit with relay output to FAN and HEATERs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OPAMP Comparator Circuit, Buck Boost Converters, DC-DC converters, AC-DC Converters, Digital ICs, Counter, Timer, Latch, Frequency Divider, 7 Segment Display driver, LED driver, Serial Clock and calendar RTC DS1307 interface with memory management 24LC08 serial EEPROM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interfacing Bluetooth 4.0 with PIC16F676 micro-controller. Transfer data wireless and taking coordinates via GPS of android mobile. Android and i-phone mobile application development RS232 based temperature data logging module design and development. Using DS18B20 one wire digital temperature sensor DB9, RX/TX. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Technical Writing, Article, SEO, Blog, Academic writing, Assignments, Solutions, Mathematics, Physics, Literature review, programming, algebra ********************* WE BELIEVE IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION *********************** DELIVERABLE: 1- CIRCUIT DESIGN 2- SCHEMATICS CAPTURE IN ALTIUM / ORCAD / PCAD / MULTISIM ? PROTEUS 3- PCB LAYOUT DESIGN 4- GERBER 5- BILL OF MATERIAL / PARTS LIST 6- MICRO-CONTROLLER SOURCE CODE 7- HEX CODE 8- 3D / 2D MECHANICAL DRAWINGS 9- SIMULATION OF CIRCUIT ON PROTEUS / MULTISIM 10- PROTOTYPING Have proven track record and good work history of successful projects. Please view our profile. OUR MAJOR FIELDS Electronic circuits design and development Analog and Digital Electronics PIC ATMEL AVR Micro-controllers Circuit Simulation using Proteus and MULTISIM MATLAB, Simulink PCB Schematics design using ALTIUM and ORCAD Solutions of different types of numerical and theoretical based questions Instrumentation Programming in C & assembly PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE. WE ARE AVAILABLE AT YOUR SERVICE. THANK YOU AND BEST REGARDS MUHAMMAD FAIZAN KHALID E-TECH SOLUTIONS

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Electrical Engineering

1- Circuit Design 2- Schematics Capture 3- PCB Layout Design 4- Gerber, BOM, and PCB manufacturing files generation 5- Circuit Simulation, Analysis, Calculations, derivations, Research, Development 6- Prototyping , Soldering , SMT and THT components assembly 7- Micro-controller Programming, Coding


Electronic Circuit Design
RF Microwave Design
Analog Circuit
Circuit Design
PCB Design
NI Multisim
Electrical Engineering
Analog Electronics
Microcontroller Programming
Altium Designer
Electronic Design
Digital Electronics
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