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MindTraits has been on a mission to work as a catalyst to unlock the potential of great enterprises all over the world who want to leverage the potential of digital technologies to transform themselves into a digital enterprise and remain ahead on the competitive landscape. Founded in 2012, we focus on solutions design and architecture, taking into consideration, the current needs and also future prospects for the business. We specialize in various web and mobile application frameworks -Scala, Ionic, MEAN, MERN, LAMP, iOS, Android, Hybrid frameworks for Web, Mobile and Custom Software Solutions. Briefly, MindTraits partners with you to help you build your digital infrastructure using cutting edge digital technologies. With an international experience in multiple domains, we have successfully delivered 25 projects globally in our 7 years of journey so far with excellent testimonials coming from industry leaders in their respective domains like flightnetwork.com (travel), expatriates.com (classifieds), cinehive.com (film) to name a few. For illustration purpose, MindTraits entered into a catalytic collaboration with - Case Study (1) - Digitizing Media CineHive is using PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) approach i.e. an end-to-end digital media solutions platform offering server / cloud based data management, collaborative workflow, cloud based editing, streaming and archival solutions specifically designed for the Film industry in India. MindTraits entered into a catalytic collaboration with CineHive for optimizing and digitizing the production workflow of the digital filmmaking creating the next generation of engaging and interactive digital workflow in the film production cycle - including the ability to engage with spaces as they are today and the ability to visualize future changes. Following agile process, we developed complete CRM and Mobile App Solution for Video Data Management for cinehive.com. Project started in 2014 and is ongoing with M&E in process. Technologies used are Scala, Ionic, IOS, Android, MEAN, AWS, MongoDB. MindTraits has created a digital workflow in the film production cycle which has took away all the data related liabilities and pain points of the filmmaker and the production houses. A company which develops innovative solutions. We had 2000+ hours of development on Elance. We are focused on scalable solutions specially Typesafe and MEAN / MERN stack. We have very good experience Scala / Java / C# / Objective-C / IOS / Android / Perl / Php / Python / Akka / Play Framework / Scalatra / Lift / Spring / AngularJS / LESS / MEAN / Yoeman / Node.js / Bower / SASS / Compass / Sencha / Jquery / Amazon EC2 / Linux / Neo4j / Mongo / Mysql / Postgres / Git, list goes on and building major engine, frameworks from scratch. We have worked with leaders in Travel, eMedia, eLearning, eCommerce and IT companies. Thank you for continued projects and supports from various customers for last 7 years.

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Object-Oriented Programming
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Mobile App Development
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