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I am an expert Flutter developer working with a great team with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in building and launching a successful, bug-free product. I have been using this technology since its Beta release to build high-quality and engaging Android and iOS applications. 🥇Technology Stacks - Flutter-Dart - 3 Years of experience - iOS - Swift, Cocos2d: 7 Years of experience - Android - Kotlin, Java: 4 Years of experience 🥇Industry wise Projects Done ✅ 🔹 Learning Management System App (LMS) 🔹 Marketplace App (Service provider - Customer) 🔹 Restaurant/Food App Delivery (Multi-vendor) 🔹 eCommerce App (Multi-vendor) 🔹 Booking App (Appointment bookings) 🔹 Fitness App (Integrated fitness band like Google Fit, iWatch) 🔹 Social Media App (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Candid, BIGO Live) 🔹 Dating App 🔹 Salon Booking App 🔹 Bus/Train/Cinema/Movie Booking App (Seat booking app) 🔹 Cab/Taxi Booking App (Similar to Uber/Ola) 🔹 Transport App (Logistic & Movers-Packers App) 🔹 GPS Location Tracking app 🥇Tools and IDE 🔹 Development: Android Studio, Xcode, VS Code 🔹 Project Management: JIRA, Trello 🔹 Codebase & Version Control: GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab 🔹 Server: AWS Cloud, Linode Cloud, GoDaddy VPS, Hostgator, Blue Ocean 🔹 Postman 🔹 Codebase Structure: Lint-tool 🥇Flutter 🔹 Dart, FlutterSDK, PubDev, Pubspec 🔹 Clean Architecture coding structure, 🔹 Provider, BLoC, GetX - State Management 🔹 Widgets, Components, Stateless-StatefulWidgets 🔹 Scaffold Skeleton, SafeArea, GestureDetector 🔹 Http, Dio, GetConnect 🔹 Json Annotation, Json Serializable 🔹 Route Management, Pages, Assets, Binding 🔹 SQFlite, Hive, GetStorage, Preference Management 🔹 Future, Builder, StreamBuilder, Obx, GetBuilder 🔹 Async, Await, Yield, Mixin 🔹 Sliver View, Carousel Slider 🔹 Flutter Syncfusion, Flutter Spinkit, TweenAnimation, Ticker 🥇iOS & Android 🔹 SDK, Gradle, POD 🔹 XML Designing, Material Design and Layouts, Constrains, Storyboard 🔹 HTTP, Retrofit, Alamofire For Network Calling 🔹 SQLite, RoomDB, Realm, FMDB, 🔹 Third-party library integration and customization 🔹 Navigation Editor, Paging, 🔹 Manifest, Permission, Sources, Info.Plist 🔹 Companion Object 🔹 JSON Serialisable 🔹 Firebase Console 🔹 Live Location Tracking 🔹 WebRTC, Live Streaming, Chat Messaging 🔹 Support Ticket 🔹 Multi-Language Localizations 🔹 Code Profiling and Optimisation 🔹 Code Encryption - Decryption 🔹 Dynamic-link, Deeplink 🔹 QR Scanner, QR Generator 🔹 OneSignal Implement 🔹 Geo-Location, Google API 🔹 Social Integration 🔹 Payment Gateways - Stripe, PayPal, Razor-pay, Cashfree, Paytabs etc. 🔹 Application Deployment 🥇Design: UX/UI, Wireframe/Prototype 🔹 Sketch, Figma, Invision, Adobe XD In addition to my strong technical skills, I am committed to maintaining transparent and frequent communication with my clients through the use of tools such as Trello, Jira, Slack, GitHub, or whatever your tools are. I am always happy to answer your questions and provide updates on the progress of your project. I am excited to work with you on your next professional mobile application, and I look forward to helping you achieve your business goals.

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