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Aadmi Consulting is a global human resources consulting firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, with clients based both in the United States and world-wide. We are a full-service firm committed to helping you develop a sustainable employee recruitment and retention strategy that will enhance your business and foster your growth. Aadmi Consulting works with businesses of all sizes and styles, from nonprofits and startups to medium-sized companies, helping our clients through the full life cycle of their businesses. Aadmi has created a niche in the development community because of our knowledge of the local labor compliance that is essential for the success of every project. Our knowledge and experience results in a quality product, performed onschedule and on-budget. Our philosophical approach to every project is to first develop an understanding of the client's needs. This allows Aadmi to develop a detailed scope of services within our proposal to meet your goals and objectives. As we proceed through project, constant dialogue is maintained with the client and project team through project meetings, telephone calls and e-mail. Aadmi's human capital practice focuses on developing cohesive systems that integrate process, philosophy, and culture. Aadmi's practice focuses on interpreting organizational information and building solutions that take into consideration the existing resources available. Our services include every aspect of the employee lifecycle, from planning human capital, to talent acquisition, to termination, and everything in between. Our staff is assisted by technology and resources, many of which were built in house. In addition, Aadmi incorporates the latest demographic and appropriate labor law to maintain compliance even through the planning stages of your project.

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