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Apps for mobiles and TV platforms, websites, CMS and NodeJS development.


Lounge Logic is based in the UK and Bulgaria and specialises in: * Cross-platform TV apps (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, YouView, etc.) * Hybrid mobile apps, usually to go with the TV apps * Custom CMS and websites (NodeJS, Meteor, ExpressJS, React) * General NodeJS development Lounge Logic specialised in developing TV apps and online video players for the broadcasting industry, but we're now using our skill and experience in other industries, such as fitness, gaming and social. With project managers, technical project managers, developers and testers working together in the same office we create software of excellent quality. A client working with Lounge Logic could expect the following on a standard project: * Work closely with the project manager to create detailed requirements and milestones * The development would be carried out by a development team (technical project manager, developers and testers) * The product will be demoed at regular intervals in order to see the progress and to detect any changes needed to the requirements as early as possible * There will be good communication between the client and the project manager throughout the whole project The technologies used mostly are: Roku/BrightScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, Meteor, ReactJS, VideoJS, Kao, Amazon AWS, Brightcove, VAST, VPAID The platforms we usually target are desktop, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire tablets, Samsung TV, LG TV, Roku and YouView The software is usually developed using the following tools: Git, JIRA, Slack Automation testing is developed using Selenium, Chimp, Mocha, STBT, PhantomJS

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