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Vuturisme embraces the value of how technology works harmoniously as a construction as well as a form of contemporary and liberal art. We believe that technology should penetrate the barrier to be understood by harnessing Simplicity, Relatability, Functionality, and Aesthetic. These four attributes are engrained deep within our company to serve each respective purposes which are combined into a singular vision. The four main pillars are described below: • Simplicity Technology should be designed whilst taking intuitivism and user friendliness into consideration to enable access for the widest range of demographics possible. Any solution formulated to tackle a certain problem should be designed as simple as possible to achieve optimum level of functionality and to fulfill its purpose. • Relatability Each and every solution produced should be relatively easy to relate by the audience based on their collective past and present to construct future relatabilty over future technological advancements. • Functionality Regardless of technological innovation utilized to generate solutions, it is necessary that said solution answers the initial problem completely and correctly. • Aesthetic Technology as a product of art should appease the senses to captivate the user’s attention and mold their perception towards technology in a positive light.

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