NAKONE Online Inc.

Drupal, Wordpress and Angular apps; ongoing Marketing and Data Entry services


■ Web application development with enterprise experience; ■ Social media marketing strategies; ■ Data Entry services; We are building web applications using Drupal and Wordpress: template creation (zen/omega/bootstrap/foundation grid), entities, views, profiles, facebook/twitter integration, eCommerce, Commerce Kickstart etc. We provide services such as network configuration, system administration (Server/Desktop), building software and hardware clusters for high-load projects, virtualization (VMWare, Xen, OpenVZ/Virtuozzo). We also provide Social Media Marketing Strategy, consumer research, marketing activities and social media consulting services. We can help you with speeding up existing websites by using Amazon/Cloudflare services. In case your website visitors are mainly guests, you can expect a full page load time less than 3 seconds with the initial HTML page speed time less than 800ms; Over the last 10 years we have developed a wide range of websites based on Drupal 5-8, Wordpress and rich Angular web applications, including lots of small business sites, museum sites, State Universities sites, Wall Street high-load website with 500+ registered users online and a huge multilanguage portals.

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