We specialize in rapid electronics product development through our electronics, embedded systems, firmware, mechanical, web development, and mobile app expertise. We're able to help all projects get from where they currently are to where they need to be.


SWYM is more than just an acronym. Its an approach that we consider with every methodology employed by our team. We must be agile, swimming with the current of progress, instead of bucking against the need for change and rapid prototyping. You have a vision but it must be ushered from concept to in-your-hand reality. You should expect reliable and attainable chunks of work of progression, fueled by a passion for solutions. Your business matters to us and we deliver with fast-paced expectations that few can keep up with. Are you ready to SWYM? If you have a tech idea, we can make it. We specialize in all things tech related, like embedded systems, web development, software development, design research, and whatever else is needed to make your tech dreams a reality. We here at SWYM recognize how you may think one thing is a good idea sketched out on paper, but once you have the 'real deal' in your hands, it's not what you wanted at all. That's why we will hand you back small prototypes of your idea throughout the project for a review period to allow you, the customer, to ask for changes, revisions, points of clarity, etc to prevent wasting your time, and money. We currently have 2 dedicated senior developers, and 4 interns, and 2 contractors all capable of the skills listed. While we do have a dedicated office, we do a lot of remote work, and as such, we have streamlined remote collaboration. We use a combination of discord, google services, and online work organizers to ensure everyone is locked in and capable of working anywhere in the world. We can very easily extend this ability to our customers, helping to maintain that transparency to prevent you from feeling locked out of the process. A basic breakdown of our project flow, we will give you a report outlining if your project will work or not, what to do if it won't, how much it's going to cost, etc. Then we would work on creating the most basic functional prototype we can to allow easy changes and pivots in the project in the event you don't like the direction the project is heading. Once all the wants/needs/desires of the prototype is ironed out, we will get it full manufacturing ready for you. When you are ready to sign with us, a much more detailed plan will be provided. Lets hear it again, are you ready to SWYM?

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DevOps & Solutions Architecture

Amazon Web Service- architecting & implementing new network designs on AWS accounts


  1. Embedded System
  2. React Native
  3. Firebase
  4. Design & Usability Research
  5. Qt Framework
  6. Agile Software Development
  7. 3D Modeling
  8. Rapid Prototyping
  9. Android App Development
  10. AWS CloudFormation
  11. React
  12. Design for Manufacturing
  13. Firmware Programming

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