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You have ideas. You know your business. You want to focus on developing and growing it, not on the work of creating a website from scratch. We are Sculpture, the very best in Website Development, Website Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Logo Design, Copywriting, Editing and Proofing. In short, we are professionals in the art of developing and promoting your business. Website Development – When we help build your website, we do so only after listening carefully to you, your needs, and the needs of your customers. What you want is paramount. What we offer is creativity, ideas, years of experience, and extreme flexibility. With a combined business experience in Marketing, Creative Design and Wordsmithing of over 30 years, we pride ourselves in our artisanship; we know what works and doesn’t, helping us to aid in your selection of the right design and message. Let us sculpt some magic into your existing website, or help you develop something new. • Responsive Layout – Adaptable for any device • Professional design • Modern, Flexible, Customizable • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE10+ • Flexible Colors & Typography • Modern and Very Clean looking • SEO Optimized • 500+ google fonts included in the theme Marketing Strategy – A terrific website and amazing copy means nothing if you do not have an integrated marketing strategy to bring people to your company. Using pull marketing, we find ways to help your customers find you. Once again, we start by listening to you and your needs. We familiarize ourselves with your marketing ideas, plans and forecasts, non-intrusively interview key players in your company, look at performance of similar products and services in the market, and then we create a “why” for you to deliver. What’s a “why”? This is the reason that potential clients will want to visit your site, your company, and understand your beliefs and visions in your product. In short, “why” they should come to you over all of your competitors. Most companies focus on “what” they make and “how” they make it, without considering “why” they do so. We first focus on your target group, understand their beliefs, fears, hopes and dreams. This helps you create that critical emotional impulse and give your customers a reason "why". Further, we identify your customers’ language patterns to choose a style and make it more interactive for them. Next we appeal to your customers’ logic. We describe the product and how it differentiates from anything else on the market, emphasizing how it will to help clients feel happier and more productive. We follow that by appealing your customers’ imagination so that they can visualize the product in their own hands. Finally, we create “scarcity”; people are ready to search for hours, days and even weeks in order to find what they need. And, we help you create that sense of urgency so that they make the buying decision sooner. Copywriting, Proofing and Editing – Multilingual with native speakers in English, Romanian and Russian, we love words! The experts in our agency have sharpened our language skills in a number of fields from the automotive aftermarket, the telecommunications industry, the travel industry, the floral industry to pet nutrition and beyond. You name it, we've written something about it, and marketed and sold products in those fields. We've written and published bilingual children's books, edited the English language portions of many other texts, and co-authored English textbooks for use in the entire country of Moldova for grades 7, 9 and 12. We're intricately involved with every kind of writing and editing -- from editing countless applications for English-speaking universities to collaborating on a recently released book, "The Go Method" - which is designed to assist people with language acquisition. Our love of languages, married with our ability to take on a number of styles from poetic to business-appropriate, along with extensive experience in marketing, magazine editing, and personal creative writing, allows us to write the perfect copy for any situation. We bend and sculpt words and vocabulary to create the desired effect. Let's work together to help you not just sell, but have your products reach their full potential. Where do you want our words to take you and your customers, today?

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