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5 key potential reasons why would you hire me rather than an a cheaper developer who "knows" about browser extensions: - you want access to a software engineer who can ascertain whether your requirement is feasible and realistic. - you require clear and regular communication throughout the life of the project. - quality and in-time deliveries are critical to your business. - you need an individual able to easily integrate into a multi-cultural multidisciplinary team. - you hate starting with cheap hourly rates and finally end-up with the double amount of hours. In short ... you can't afford to suffer from the "discovery" syndrome from a non-expert. Important note: I will decline all "simple" project offers unless they are a stepping stone to something big and challenging. Back to me: I have developed and contributed to more than 30 private and public browser extensions with 100% success rate in domains as varied as lead sourcing, reputation management, cashback programs, process automation, browser security etc ... I am part of the WebExtensions Community group (led by Google,Mozilla/Apple) and run a technical blog at My technical experience covers in-breadth and in-depth extension development aspects: - typescript & webpack - standard frameworks (REACT, jquery, materialize, bootstrap, inbox sdk etc ...) - mySQL and Firebase/Firestone Databases - project APIS as well as 3rd party APIs such as Google apis, Zoho, Bullhorn ... - automated non-regression testing - analytics for fix&feature development prioritization, A/B testing I can assist you with various aspects of the extension lifecycle: - consulting & technical lead (including manifest V3 migration) - PoC/MVP/product development - extension expert staffing - technical lead Some examples of extensions: - Kagi apiTester (private chrome/FF extension): automated web extension API testing environment for validating a new browser called Kagi. - Videonotebook (public chrome extension): note-taker which helps you remember more from your videos and meetings. - ExecVision conference recorder (public chrome extension): enables users to record meetings (meet, zoom, webex etc ..). - The Social Lead Machine (public chrome extension): linkedIn data extraction and profile search automation. - Password Depot Extension (public chrome extension & Firefox): centralized password management. - Masterkey (public on chrome store) : automatic login and user review response for reputation management. - SpeedCRM (private Firefox extension) is a greasemonkey type of extension which tailors Salesforce CRM to specific organization requirement and boosts user-productivity. You will find some of those extensions on git (jml674)

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