If you're doing the same thing consistently, you can't expect different results - This would be considered the definition of insanity. Automation was brought to us for the reason of taking away from the less creative, daunting tasks that we must do (but dread the whole way). Having experienced this problem first hand with my ecommerce store, I decided to start helping others with creating back end (or front) automation scripts to handle things that are eating away at their day. A few things i've automated for personal relief: -Invoice processing -Email purging -Inventory consolidation -Lead list building -Marketplace post creation -Marketplace cleanups -Data cleanup -Web automation + Much more. Really, anything that's done multiple times, and is rule based, can be automated. If you have a use case in mind, feel free to reach out.

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Babybots LLC is an automation service provider that constructs, deploys, and maintains automated bots across companies of all sizes. Our goal is to reduce human time spent on tasks that are repetitive and rule based, allowing for your personnel to focus on the bigger picture at hand.


Microsoft Power Automate
Business Process Automation
Process Development
Microsoft PowerApps
Robotic Process Automation
Automated Workflow
Microsoft Power BI
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