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Bleed AI is all about helping passionate founders and entrepreneurs build their dream, we don’t just want to build your product the way you envision it, but we also take into account the market competition, your business goals, and objectives. We’re all about producing real-world value, not just another product. We partner with you when we truly believe what you’re building will make an impact. We leverage the most cutting AI tools and technologies to build your solution. Success to us is not when the product development is completed or deployed but rather when the product generates business value for you Why Bleed AI: When you select us to be your development partners, you’re in good hands, since our team is not only acquainted with cutting-edge industrial approaches but we also have authority in publishing top-notch computer vision and deep learning content (Articles, courses, guides, etc) for developers and researchers at our website So at Bleed AI Solutions we bring the brains from Academia (Edtech) & Industry to brainstorm the ideal solution that fits your timeline, goals, and budget. Some of the Services We Offer: ✔ OCR: ID cards/Passports, forms/Document Analysis ✔ Video / Surveillance Analytics ✔ Deep Learning: Object Detection, Segmentation, Classification ✔ Human-Computer Interaction-based applications ✔ Technical Courses & Blog Posts ✔ AI-Powered Web APPs ✔ Mobile Application Development with AI ✔ Data Analytics ✔ Data Scraping/Synthesis ✔ Cloud Solutions & Deployment ✔ AI for Industries: Medical, Agriculture, inspection, Retail ✔ Speech: Speech to Text (STT), Text to Speech (TTS), Speech Recognition, Tone/language Analysis. ✔ NLP: Sentiment Analysis, Entity Recognition, Text Summarization, Language Translation. ✔ Data Analytics: Analyzing Data and providing intelligent insights, Intelligently Scraping data, Predictive modeling, Building Recommendation System ✔ AI-Powered Image/Video Annotation for Big Datasets. So not only do we create an end-to-end AI Solution for you, but we will also wrap it in your desired platform. Be it Desktop, Mobile, Web, or cross-platform. With Bleed AI you will be able to focus on your business and let us take care of developing high-quality and commercially successful solutions for you.

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AI & Machine Learning

Deep Learning: We have built many robust deep learning-based systems for our clients, be it Classification, Detection, or image Segmentation systems. Data Analytics / NLP: We have also analyzed datasets for multiple clients and helped them extract useful information from their raw data.

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