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Data Science / Analysis, Google Sheets, Advance Excel / VBA, Data Visualization, Automation Expert, API, Database Management and AI / Machine Learning Integrations.


We Agency work to provide high quality work experience on every project by highly skilled and Experienced freelancers, for providing setisfection with projects and the work accuracy. As a service providing agency, we are providing best and exceptional service to our clients as per details given below: 1. Availability: We are available whenever you need us. We offer flexible working hours, provide multiple channels for communication (such as email, phone and chat), and respond to their inquiries in a timely manner. 2. Communication: We provide updates on an effective working process, it is very important for us to keep you informed about our work which will build a strong relation between us and make you stress free. We provide timelines and updates from time to time as per the requirement and we take care of any issues that may arise. Additionally, we take our customers' feedback and concerns into account, and respond in a thoughtful and constructive manner. 3. Quality of Service: Our policy is to provide high quality service to build a strong reputation and retain customers over a long period of time. We ensure quality, are diligent in work, pay attention to details, and strive to exceed your customers' expectations. This includes conducting regular quality checks, obtaining client feedback, and providing ongoing training and support to our team. 4. Personalization: One size does not fit all when it comes to service. so to provide a personalized experience, we understand our client's unique needs and provide services accordingly. This means we provide customized solutions, provide personalized attention, and are flexible in your approach. 5. Timelines/Deadline: For us meeting deadlines is an important aspect of providing quality service. We ensure timely completion of projects, establish realistic project timelines and set clear expectations with our clients. We will notify you in a timely manner of any changes or delays, and work actively to find solutions to potential bottlenecks. Professionalism: We maintain a professional image to build genuine rapport and trust. Our policy is to maintain a professional image, wear appropriate attire, be clear and respectful at all times, and communicate a positive attitude. Furthermore, honesty and transparency in dealings and work process, and we take responsibility for any mistakes or problems that may arise. Accountability: We take ownership of the work and we are accountable for your actions, which helps us build strong customer relationships. We are transparent about our processes and methods, in addition to providing regular updates on the progress of our projects. And is responsible for any problems encountered, and provides means and solutions to meet our customers' needs. Our top priority is to provide 100% satisfaction with the highest possible level of services to our clients. We believe in a long-term business relationship and always try to provide high-quality work within a timeline.

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Data Analysis & Testing

➤I am thrilled to introduce our agency and highlight our expertise in API service provision, data integration, and visualization using Google Analytics, GA4, and PowerBI. With over eight years of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of how to leverage APIs to automate analysed report.

Data Design & Visualization

Scripts & Utilities

Database Management & Administration

Web Development

Data Extraction/ETL


  1. API
  2. Python
  3. Visual Basic for Applications
  4. Looker
  5. Web Scraping
  6. Google Sheets Automation
  7. Power Query
  8. Microsoft Power BI Data Visualization
  9. Jupyter Notebook
  10. Google Analytics
  11. Machine Learning
  12. JavaScript
  13. Data Analytics & Visualization Software
  14. JSON
  15. Analytics Dashboard
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Oct 8, 2011

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Excellency Award in Programming I have created multiple utilies for my office to reduce manual intervension for employer and employee both for increase productivity and Business.
Gem of Voylla 2 Times for Odoo Setup and Stremline the process to make Regular Tasks Automatic. In a Indian Company Named Voylla I have setted odoo and stremline its process via manage team to work on odoo and automate to reduce time consumption.