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We are a team of skilled software engineers delivering top-quality solutions to meet your business needs. Our mission is to help your business grow and succeed by providing reliable and user-friendly technology solutions. Choose us to take your business to the next level. We're using the following stack of technologies: Blockchain: ✔ Ethers.js ✔ Web3.js ✔ Solidity ✔ Hardhat ✔ Polygon Backend: ✔ Python (Django, Flask) ✔ Django REST Framework ✔ Celery, Django Channels ✔ Websockets ✔ Unit testing ✔ MySQL, PostgreSQL ✔ NoSQL: Redis, Mongo ✔ SQLAchemy, Peewee ✔ Payment API integrations (Stripe, Braintree) ✔ ElasticSearch engine ✔ Google API integrations ✔ Docker ✔ AWS ✔ Heroku ✔ Automating Deployments Frontend: ✔ React.js, Redux, Nextjs ✔ Tailwindcss ✔ Vue.js, Vuex ✔ Bootstrap ✔ Ant Design ✔ Pure JavaScript, jQuery ✔ ES5/ES6/Typescript ✔ Responsive design ✔ Pixel perfect HTML/CSS ✔ Optimising page performance We cover the entire development process working on both frontend and backend sides. Proactivity, communication and development speed are the fundamentals of success.

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Web Development

We are proud to offer full-stack web development services to clients looking to create stunning websites that are both visually appealing and highly functional. With years of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills to offer top-notch development solutions to businesses of all sizes.


Tailwind CSS
Material UI
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