STARNAVI is an all-in-one technical partner for innovators and creators. Hire qualified developers or a whole dedicated team. Develop a complex digital solution.


We have the SKILLS AND EXPERTISE to address your complex technical challenges. Do you need help in hiring qualified software developers, or want to hire a dedicated team? We know you require them – ASAP – but where do you start? Get in touch! ✔ Recruited over 300 fabulous devs, vetted from a base of over 11,000 candidates! ✔ Tech talents from Eastern Europe. ✔ Over 40 Happy customers from the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia. ✔ 100% of positive reviews. At STARNAVI, we have the right talents and processes to find the right candidate for your project. ⭐ WHAT DO WE DO? We help you find and hire the right software developers for your project asap. Get access to a talent pool of top software developers with vast tech stacks from Eastern European countries. ⭐ HOW WE WORK ✔ No project managers. Our developers don’t need supervisors. ✔ We support and grow your developers. Accounting, HR, contracts, payroll, motivation, benefits – we handle it for you. ✔ Talk directly to your developers whenever you need. They’re your team. ⭐ TECH STACK We know the pain. There are so many programming languages that we decided not to limit you to those we pre-pick up. → Python: Django, Django Rest Framework, FastAPI, Flask, Pyramid, Asyncio, Aiottp, Tornado, Sqlalchemy, Graphene, Pydantic, Uwsgi, Django ORM, Bottle, Celery, Airflow, Dramatiq, Django channels, Sanic. → Java: Java Core, Java EE, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Hibernate, Groovy → Server-side: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Kafka, RabbitMQ, ELK, ElasticSearch, AWS, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, Azure, GCP, REST API, GraphQL, Microservices, Docker, Docker compose, Kubernetes, AWS EC2, WebSockets, Nginx, SSH, Third-party API, PubSub, Debug, Facebook API, Google API. → ReactJS: React, Redux, Mobx, Apollo Client, React Hooks, Styled-components, Next.js, Gatsby, React testing libraries, Jest, Enzym, React Hooks, Draft.js. → Angular: AngularJS, MobX, Angular Apollo . → Frontend: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, MaterialUI, Bootstrap, Ant design, SCSS, Progressive Web Application, Websocket, d3.js, IndexedDB, WebRTC, Browser Extensions, Firebase, GraphQL, Server-sent events, Webpack, Microfrontends, i18n, Google Maps API, Webassembly, Highcharts, WebAPI, LocalStorage. And also .Net, Ruby, Php, Node.js, Vue, React Native. And including DevOps, iOS/Mac, Android, QA manual, and QA automation. ⭐ INDUSTRIES During our 6+ years of existence, we had the chance to work with projects throughout a wide range of industries: • Digital Marketing • Real Estate • Fintech • Healthcare • E-commerce • Business Intelligence • Education • Transportation and Logistics ⭐ HOW TO START 1. Share your needs. 2. We search and screen the candidates who match your needs (tech and “human”). 3. You interview the candidates and conclude on their skills and experience. 4. You choose who to hire.

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Web Development

We can help you find a developer or a team to plan, craft, develop, deploy, test, and deliver digital products. It can be anything from custom portal to complex SaaS or business application.


Artificial Intelligence
Product Development
Quality Assurance
React Native
IT Recruiting
Machine Learning
Product Design
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