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Boost your organization's growth with advanced data and software solutions. Digitally transform your business to: 🔝 Become a data-driven leader, optimizing decision-making and real-time goal analysis through business intelligence ☁️ Strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers, and collaborators using scalable and always available digital interfaces in the cloud. 🤖 Enhance business processes and resources, leveraging artificial intelligence and automation to increase efficiency and productivity. We have three services 🚀: 1. IDA (Intelligent Decision Analyst) is a service designed to help you become a data-driven organization. We transform your data into valuable, actionable insights using advanced business intelligence and data analysis techniques. 2. IVA (Intelligent Virtual Assistant) is a service that uses artificial intelligence technologies, such as computer vision and natural language processing (NLP), to create innovative solutions and automate processes within any organization. 3. CAD (Cloud Application Developer) is a service that designs, develops, and implements high-quality web and mobile applications. By leveraging the advantages of cloud technology, we create scalable and secure solutions that digitize and optimize business processes and enable new product launches. We use the following methodologies to provide solutions to all our clients. Choose the one that best fits your organization 😊 1. Custom Solutions: Each company has unique technological needs. That's why we provide tailor-made solutions designed from the ground up. Our team of experts will collaborate by identifying your needs and objectives and using state-of-the-art technology to ensure innovative and high-quality solutions. 2. Scalable Solutions: Time is critical in business; perhaps you are looking for an ally to delegate technology management. We offer packaged solutions, scalable and adaptable to your needs, ready to work quickly with minimal parameterization overcoming the disadvantages of a custom solution. 3. Staff Augmentation: If you are leading the digital transformation of your company and need support, we can provide you with highly skilled professionals or a complete team. With our extensive experience and expertise, we will become an extension of your team, aligned with your objectives.

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Data Extraction/ETL

A critical and first phase in our services deals with data obtention, which retrieves data from (usually unstructured or poorly structured) data sources into centralized locations for storage or further processing. We're experts in code and cloud-based ETLs and data extraction methods.


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