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AREAS OF EXPERTISE: ★Contracts Attorneys ★corporate law ★commercial law ★civil ★Financial law★Securities law ★IP Law (Patent, Trademark, and Copyright) ★Research ★Paralegal ★drafting ★compliance ★Tech ★corporate structure ★arbitration ★EU law, and more.


Self-motivated and LLM qualified Paralegal/Legal Assistant with 4+ years of experience assisting US Attorneys, Law firms, and Coporate Counsel. I worked under different Attorneys handling a variety of matters including Corporate law, commercial law, Venture Capital Law, securities law, financial law, Civil law, tech law, and International Arbitration. I have an LLB (Hons) and Master's of Law (LLM) in international corporate and commercial law with a Merit Pass from the University of West London. Qualified legal drafting skills. Master’s legal research techniques and black letter research methods. Experienced working in Mergers and Acquisition including assisting Senior US Attorney with Due complete Diligence Matrix of the seller/buyer company documents, disclosure schedule, and some minor assistance with merger documents and ancillaries. Experienced in Corporate and Commercial law. Experienced in Venture Capital Law including assisting senior Attorneys with drafting and sending out for signature the founder ready packaging Charter, bylaws, Written consent Board of Directors, CIIAA (NDA), Service Agreement, Restrictive stock Agreement, Stock Plan, Convertible Promissory Note, and Investment Term Sheet. Assisting Senior Attorney with Case Management and coordinating with Clients. Experience assisting Attorneys include financial law including Banking and bad faith insurance, complaint and motions drafting, construction law including construction claims and complex contract disputes, tech law, debt recovery claims, arbitration disputes, corporate law, and commercial dispute. Case law Research, complaint drafting, discovery preparation and motion. -Good understanding of Business and Investment. -Good Understanding of VC and Pre seed investment. -Great understanding of the Stock market, Banking and Finance, and Securities law. -Tech law skills including a good understanding of new innovations and technologies such as AI, the Internet of things, Blockchain, Decentralized finance, machine learning, virtual reality (VR), and more. -drafting skills including complaint drafts, motions, reports, and legal research for litigations. -Excellent communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills (developed through academic skills and working in law firms under senior lawyers) -the ability to sort, order and manage large volumes of exhibits, documents, files, evidence, data, and other information. - Case Manager experience including communication with the clients, intakes, case strategies, drafting, and more. Familiar with Microsoft office package, Caselaw managing sites like Maruscase, Ringcentral, Clio, and template merge software. I am also familiar with software such as Practice Panther for Legal Clients Billing, Notion for task management, Google Workspace, RingCentral, and Amazon Workspace. Can communicate information and ideas to others in understandable manner. Excellent innovative and Entrepreneur Skills. I am a reliable, trust-professional with a commitment to abide by the assigned deadlines.

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Corporate & Contract Law

We can assist you in drafting contracts including but not limited to: ✔️Corporate law ✔️Commercial law ✔️SaaS ✔️Services agreement ✔️Commercial contracts ✔️Company Resolutions ✔️Confidentiality agreements ✔️Consultancy agreements ✔️Contract of Sale ✔️Non-Compete agreements ✔️NDA


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