Fractional CMO, Fractional CTO, Fractional COO, Fractional CDO, and Fractional CCO. Sometimes, C3PO. Yo CXO is a three-person, principal-only, award-winning studio that loves hyphens. We focus on delivering outcomes, not outputs.


🔥 A tiny, three-person, principal-only agency with a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating, earning +$500,000 from 9 clients over 7,200 hours. WYSIWYG, no bait or switch, just killer results. If you're looking for outcomes, instead of just outputs, just holler. Yo! CXO. Ambreen's your design shero 🦸🏾‍♀️, turning maybe somedays into look at us nows. With awards to her name, she’s all about converting those eye-catching designs into brands people love. Sam's the tech and other stuff guy 🧑🏾‍💻, known for shaking things up as one of the highest paid hourly contractors in the oDesk days. He wanted to prove we still got it in the age of the GPT Store... turns out, we do, making what if morph into wow. Rebekah? She's all about growth. That B2B digital marketing influencer who’s not just on lists but tops them. She’s here to ensure your brand won't just show up, it’ll stick. We're the squad helping you dodge the queue from brainstorm to bossing the market 🏆. What’s the deal for you? Landing a top-tier team obsessed with flipping your visions into victories, from strategy and product creation to good old hockey sticks. Your big win? Rolling with pros who help you go from just starting to just slaying. Expect all the digital marketing superpowers and the wins to back it up. So where we been lately? On a bit of an adventure with direct client gigs and side hustles. Then the AI wave hit. We burned through cash and the VCs aren't dishing out much 🧀 these days. But hey, all in a day's work. Anyway, Sam's throwback to his freelance roots on oDesk reminded us where we started. Delivering solid outcomes to clients with unmet needs. So here we are bootstrapping again, choosing projects that do more than just please—they pioneer. With us, you're not just getting off the ground, you're setting the pace. More than a team, you’re snagging experience that turns your dream into the new gold standard. On time, on budget, and smashing those high bars you've set. And if you're thinking this profile sounds too good to be true, you're right. We fed all our achievements into ChatGPT and forgot to remove this before we posted it. "Please summarize the accomplishments and make us sound cool." LOL, nah just kidding... or are we? 🤖😉 Hit us up 📲 Let’s take your idea from wouldn't it be nice to nailed it. P.S: We're in the process of uploading a collection of select projects to our Upwork profile. Check back often for updates. ⚠️ Yo CXO was formerly known as sambi.dev. Sam got tired of being the center of attention. So we told him... of course, it must be exhausting being so awesome all the time. 🙄

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Personal & Professional Coaching

Feel like your career is stuck in a rut? We turn challenges into wins with strategies that work. 💪🏽 If you're ready to pivot from 'what now?' to 'what next,' let's get started. 🚀 We'll kickstart your journey to success and help you spark real growth. Time to achieve, not just dream.


Web Development
Product Development
AI App Development
Brand Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy
Product Strategy
Customer Acquisition Strategy
Management Consulting
UX & UI Design
App Development
AI Consulting
Creative Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Sales Strategy
Growth Strategy

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