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Tech to Help Women Thrive: Five Winning Teams from AngelHack’s Lady Problems Global Hackathon Series

In an effort to take a look at what is keeping women from advancing in tech — and better yet, solve those problems — the AngelHack community created Lady Problems, a 20-city hackathon series. Upwork didn't hesitate to sponsor this inspiring series, and we had the pleasure of connecting with five of the winning hackathon teams in the U.S. to learn about the prototypes they created as well as the stories behind them. Read Full Article

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Is Your Business on Instagram Yet?

If you’ve been looking at marketing on Instagram, you aren’t alone; eMarketer estimates more than 70 percent of brands will be using the image-driven social network this year. That popularity is impacting the online job market, too: Instagram marketing expertise is one of the 10 fastest-growing skills on the latest Upwork Skills Index. Read Full Article

All Things Upwork

Increasing Protections on Upwork

Our aim is to make Upwork the safest, easiest way to do work online. Lately, we’ve focused on developing new ways to prevent scams on our marketplace. As we look ahead, we’ll make it even harder for fraudsters to waste your time and cause harm to your businesses. Jeff Chen, VP of Trust & Safety at Upwork, explains three initiatives that will be rolling out over the next few months. Read Full Article

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The Power of Connection: How Client-Freelancer Relationships Can Grow a Business—and Change a Life

In thinking about the Upwork community and how so many people do great work together, we wanted to find out more about these connections. We asked clients and freelancers around the world to share their stories. One story stood out right away—not just for the respect between the client and freelancer, or the results they are achieving together, but for the impact that work has had on the freelancer’s future plans. Read Full Article