Working Remotely

The Power of Connection: How Client-Freelancer Relationships Can Grow a Business—and Change a Life

In thinking about the Upwork community and how so many people do great work together, we wanted to find out more about these connections. We asked clients and freelancers around the world to share their stories. One story stood out right away—not just for the respect between the client and freelancer, or the results they are achieving together, but for the impact that work has had on the freelancer’s future plans. Read Full Article


Upwork Modernization: An Overview

As a founder of oDesk—which has since evolved into Upwork—Stratis Karamanlakis has had a front seat view of Upwork’s evolution. In this article, which is part of a series from Upwork Engineering, he talks about Upwork’s journey from fledgling startup to the largest website for freelancers, with a community of more than 17 million worldwide. Read Full Article