All Things Upwork

Community is at the heart of oDesk. So we thought you would like to know that we have caused quite some discussion since our launch last week.

We’ve been picked up in the blogosphere– for example, here and here. Mashable, on of the highly regarded blogs covering Web 2.0, has dubbed us Rent a Coder 2.0. We’re still mulling over the moniker. There is also quite some back and forth about oDesk and the challenges of remote development.

Meanwhile, our Business Week profile seems to be generating debate about the merits of outsourcing. Some see offshore development as ineffective and bad for American jobs. The other camp sees oDesk as an innovative company pioneering free markets and transparency.

(Though the debates don’t totally miss each other. At the Mashable blog, an American programmer says he doesn’t feel threatened by globalization and looks forward to oDesk.)

As always, we encourage our community to participate and share their candid thoughts on these interesting topics.