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May 19, 2006 by Guest Blogger

Everyone at oDesk has the Google Desktop installed on their computers. It is a good way to search through the piles of emails and months old documents. No need for cleanly organized folders anymore, it is much easier and quicker to search with Google Desktop.

Most of us have the Desktop enabled as a Sidebar. Cool thing is that developers can create plug-ins for the Google Desktop Sidebar (not good news for Konfabulator, now acquired by Yahoo, that was creating Apple-style widgets for PCs). Naturally, the extension of that is to create oDesk plug-ins for the Google Desktop Sidebar. One of the first to come out is the oDesk MiniCamGD (version 1.0.4 can be downloaded here). This integrated into the Sidebar as a minicam window, resizing automatically, and when you click on it, it opens into a full resolution webcam shot. Take a look at my ScreenSnap.

It also integrates with oDesk Team, i.e. if you are running the MiniCamGD, it will not restrict your webcam from uploading your picture with the Work Diary. You can pause it by pressing (CTRL + ALT + P). More options and preferences can be accessed by right-clicking on the webcam picture area.
Before you go crazy… let me tell you that there is NO support for this plug-in, NO guarantees that it will work, and oDesk takes NO responsibility if the MiniCamGD plug-in makes your entire Sidebar go kaput.

Now, you may go crazy. Oh, and please do leave comments about what other plug-ins would be cool-to-have.


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