All Things Upwork
by oDesk

We launched the oDesk feedback system 5 months ago and have received over 1,000 feedbacks in that short time. We are now making our first minor refinement of this system, and would like to know what you think about this decision in the Community –

First, what hasn’t changed? Buyers and Providers have exactly the same functionality as before. Quantitative feedback scores (on a 1-5 scale) are always public. Qualitative feedback comments (eg: “John did a great job on this project and I plan to hire him again soon”) can still be either public or private, at the discretion of the person receiving the feedback.

Now, what has changed? The only change is that feedback comments will now be public by default. We decided to change this default so that buyers and providers that receive positive comments get the full benefit of having those comments displayed on their profile. Providers can still opt to hide the comments from their profiles by setting the comments to private.

We look forward to your comments,

One last reminder for buyers: though we don’t yet offer buyer profiles, feedback that providers have left for you are displayed next to any job openings that you post (on our jobs page: You can set any comments to private in the My Assignments tab.