All Things Upwork
by oDesk

The Affiliate Profile is a company level profile which enables an affiliate company to showcase itself on oDesk. Similar to the individual profile, the Affiliate Profile contains the following information:

  1. Affiliate logo
  2. Quick facts about the affiliate’s performance on oDesk: basic information and statistics on the company’s performance since it has been active on oDesk
  3. Recent assignment history which includes information on the last 25 oDesk assignments the affiliate has or is working on including the hourly rate, total hours, feedback score and the specific professional who worked on or is working on the assignment
  4. Objective: information about the affiliate firm including company strengths and areas of expertise

The Affiliate Logo and the Objective information is pulled from the corresponding info on the Affiliate Manager’s individual profile.

The affiliate firm can use the Affiliate Profile to sell the company to potential buyers while applying to jobs. Buyers can use the Affiliate Profile to view the performance of the entire affiliate. Also, the Buyer can use the “Select” and “Interview” buttons on the Affiliate Profile to “add to candidates” and interview the Affiliate Manager.

You can access the Affiliate Profile from a couple of places on the website by clicking the affiliate’s name on: