All Things Upwork

Here is the release log:

About a month ago we released a new feature which gave buyers the capability to give bonuses to providers. We are now releasing the symmetric feature to allow providers to give refunds to buyers. This is needed in cases where the buyer has been mistakenly charged for time when the provider was not actually working. For example, if the provider has finished working for the day and forgets to suspend the oDesk Team time capture functionality, the provider’s time logs will still track non-working time. We frequently hear from buyers and providers who have mutually determined modifications to hours but still need to contact us to make the update. Now, the provider can do this via self-service.

To give a refund, the provider needs to go to the My Assignments tab, click the “view” button for either an active or closed assignment (sreensnap: Then click the Give Refund button.

On the form that is displayed (, the provider will then enter the amount for the refund and can leave comments which will be emailed to the buyer as well as add notes that will be recorded in the adjustment record for record keeping.

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Abid Mohsin