All Things Upwork
February 21, 2007 by Guest Blogger

Hey oDesk-ers,

We are excited to announce that oDesk now offers the option to post fixed price jobs. This option is in addition to the hourly jobs we currently support.

What is Fixed Price?

Fixed Price lets buyers hire a provider to do a job for specific bid amount. The buyer then pays once the provider successfully completes the job’s requirements.

Why Fixed Price?

We’ve been listening to the oDesk Community, and here are some examples of what we’ve heard. Users told us that while an hourly relationship is great for longer projects with changing requirements, fixed price was often preferable for shorter projects with fixed requirements.

How to use Fixed Price?

  • Buyers – go to and post a job, and you’ll have the fixed price option next to our standard hourly option.
  • Providers – go to the jobs page, and select “Fixed Price”

We’d love for you try it and let us know what you think.

Check out the Fixed Price FAQ in Community to see why we’re launching fixed price, how it works, and what it means for you.