All Things Upwork
by oDesk

oDesk launched feedback in the middle of 2005 and has made several enhancements to the system since then. One small but important change was made recently to properly account for users with multiple assignments with another user because of rate changes.

When a provider receives a rate change during an assignment, end-of-assignment feedback has applied only to the work since the rate change. Each assignment in oDesk can only have a single rate associated with it, so that hours worked * hourly rate = total pay. Given that constraint, rate changes made during an active assignment actually closes the assignment and creates a new one with the new hourly rate. Therefore, when a user ends an assignment after a rate change, they are only leaving feedback on the second assignment and not on the hours worked prior to the rate change. This is primarily an architecture issue, but an important one that affects our users feedback scores that are critical to their success.

This feature release has migrated feedback scores to the assignments without feedback. We did not overwrite any feedback scores. We only filled in the gaps to make sure that users get full credit for their work in the cases of missing feedback. For users that have had multiple assignments with the same user because of rate changes, you will now notice that the feedback scores count toward all assignments.

We continue to strive to make the feedback system as meaningful and accurate as possible for our users to differentiate based on quality. We welcome any further input or suggestions on our community forums,