All Things Upwork
February 13, 2007 by oDesk

We’ve made a number of enhancements to the oDesk Team application over the course of the past 2 months. This application is used by all providers to log their time to any active jobs that they have, but it is also growing in functionality. Our goal is to expand the functionality of this application beyond the basic time-logging function and make it a valuable tool for all oDesk users. At the same time, we’ve made a number of enhancements that are designed to improve the work experience and increase work efficiency.

Hotkeys – any serious provider knows that shortcuts and hotkeys are critical to efficiency. Clicking and dragging around with the mouse is just a slow and cumbersome process for any commonly used functions. To that end, we’ve rolled out additional functionality that enables users to create hotkey combinations to make keyboard shortcuts to access Team Room, WorkDiary, Recent Screensnaps, Memo, Preferences, Suspend, Resume, Last Snapshot, and the Meter. Access this by right-clicking on the oDesk Team icon and selecting Preferences.

Notification Balloons – Hate those annoying popup screens? Ever been engrossed in your work and started typing in the wrong window because of a new popup that you didn’t notice? We’ve eliminated as many popup notifications as possible and replaced them with small balloon notifications that will signify important events during the course of your work. Hopefully, these will not disrupt any work and you can keep on moving when you’re on a roll.

Bugzilla Integration – A few months ago we integrated the oDesk Team client with Bugzilla to allow providers to select any assigned bug rather than typing out a custom work memo for their logged time. We’ve now made it even easier for providers to work on their list of assigned bugs or tasks by providing links directly from the work memos to canned Bugzilla queries.

Screensnap Drawing Tools – We continue to improve on the screensnap drawing tools. We find this to be an incredibly valuable collaboration tool and find new uses for it all the time. Sometimes, a single screensnap has served as the specification for a mini-feature. The new features enable you to use hotkeys to change colors, including Alt-R for red, Alt-B for black, Alt-G for green. You can also draw arrows simply by using the line tool and pressing “< ” or “>” to add starting or ending arrows. In addition, the Pixelize function has been improved to protect your information. Once you take a screensnap using either oDesk Team or oDesk Share, press the Draw button to access the tools. Press “F1” at any time to get the help menu of commands.

Screensnap Drawing Panel – We’ve added an additional tool for drawing on screensnaps. Once you’ve started to draw on a screensnap, click “D” to bring up a small status panel that will show you the current color, width, font size, and font style of your drawing tools.

Dual Monitor Support – More and more providers now have a dual monitor setup. We fixed a bug that enables screensnaps and captures to function properly with dual monitors.

oDesk Meter – We’ve added important time and earnings information to the oDesk Team client application. You’ll notice a new option when you right-click on the oDesk Team icon to display “Meter”. This will give you critical information about your time worked and earnings based on the time you’ve logged in the current time period.