All Things Upwork
March 7, 2007 by oDesk

oDesk has automated the application and signup process for Affiliate Managers. We had previously automated the process for Buyers, Freelance Providers and new Affiliate Contractors. We have implemented the same checklist process for new Affiliate Managers.

What will it look like:

New Affiliate Managers can now come to, click on signup and complete the online application process. Once done, Affiliate Managers will have their personal profile and their Affiliate Company profile active on the network. They can then start adding their Affiliate Contractors on oDesk and start applying to jobs.

The new process includes the following steps:

  1. Verify your email address
  2. Create your personal profile
  3. Describe your company
  4. Accept the oDesk Contract
  5. Take the oDesk Training Quiz

The Training Quiz is 20 multiple-choice questions, that take Affiliate Managers through the basics of working on oDesk, downloading oDesk software, adding Affiliate Contractors and best practices for working on remote assignments. We have developed the quiz so that every new Affiliate Manager will be able to work effectively within oDesk as soon as they join the network.” alt=”” title=”” border=”0″ style=”display:inline” />

What does this mean for Buyers:

Buyers will now be able to access a much larger network of Providers, both in terms of number and skill type.

What does this mean for Affiliate Managers:

Affiliate Managers will now be able to create their account, add other Providers and start applying to jobs in a single online session. There will no longer be any delays due to recruiting backlogs.

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