All Things Upwork
by oDesk

We’ve received a number of support tickets over the past several months requesting changes to feedback scores and/or comments. Most of these requests come as a result of a positive outcome. For example, a buyer may have ended an assignment and left negative feedback because project was not completed to satisfaction, but then the provider resolved any of the outstanding issues and delivered a working product. In these cases, the buyer often offers to go change the feedback and comments that were initially left for the provider.

In order to facilitate feedback resolution, we’ve enabled a way for any buyer or provider to enable a feedback change. When you view any feedback that you have received in the past, you will see a new link.

This feature is intended to be used only after you have worked out all issues and discussed the outcome directly with the buyer or provider that left you the feedback. Once you enable the user to make a change, they will have up to 14 days to modify the feedback. Please note that this operation can only be performed once for each feedback you have received.

We hope everyone finds this to be a fair solution for all users.