All Things Upwork
by oDesk

From the beginning of oDesk, a few founding principles have guided our product development strategy and process. High on the list among the principles is,

Transparency breeds accountability

This principle has always been most evident in our core application, oDesk Team and the Work Diary. Many oDesk outsiders have looked at the Work Diary that includes screenshots and sometimes webcam shots and thought that we were spying on our providers. Some have gone so far as to call us “Big Brother”. We know that oDesk is unique and doing things differently than anyone else before us and we are proud of that. We also know from your comments that our users almost never share the same opinions as these external critics and bloggers.

This principle has led us to what we believe is another important milestone in the development of the oDesk marketplace. We are pleased to announce that full job history is now available online and searchable. Over 15,000 job openings including those that have long since completed and/or cancelled are all available online as part of a user’s assignment history. We will always give the option to our user to hide the details of their jobs if they choose, but we believe that transparency in the majority of jobs will help all of our users learn about the marketplace and make better decisions about who to hire / work for. Now, when looking at oDesk Assignment History for a buyer or provider, you will see job opening titles and will be able to click thru to see the details of the job if it is not private.

You will also note that you can now view a candidate list at the end of every job opening and provider profile. On job openings, this will give providers that may apply some insight into the other applicants. On provider profiles, it will give to potential buyers some indication of the interests of the provider.

We welcome any feedback on the feature in the ongoing discussions in the community forums here or here.