All Things Upwork
June 6, 2007 by oDesk

My Account tab

We have brought all admin information under a new tab, called “My Account”. It includes User Information, as well as Company and Billing information for Buyers. It will also be where we add our new billing & payment features.
Here is what it looks for buyers:

And for providers:

Work Activity Tab

We are pleased to offer the first step in increasing your visibility into your oDesk spending and earnings. The Work Activity tab shows your weekly Work Activity Statement, with each hourly and fixed price invoice, bonus, refund, and account adjustment. This serves as a complete record for your oDesk work activity for the week.

Two notable things about this new features: (1) You can now view historical timelogs, not limited to four weeks in the past; (2) Freelance providers and Affiliate Managers now see financial information in their timelogs, not just hours. Buyers, please note that in the past, adjustments were not included in the timelogs (they were included on a separate invoice), so timelog/invoice totals may vary slightly.

Note: the Work Activity tab replaces the Accounting pane in the lower left corner of the screen.