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by oDesk

While we know that only a small percentage of buyers and providers utilize the integrated Bugzilla tools, we’ve invested in the upgrade of our Bugzilla version from 2.16 to 2.20. All information was fully preserved and migrated to the new version. If you login to your oDesk Bugzilla account you will see some new features and enhancements in the 2.20 version, including:

  • User-interface: A little cleaner, a little prettier, a little easier to understand.
  • High-level categorization: If you’ve made use of the product – component structure of 2.16, you now can create a higher level categorization of bugs under “classifications”
  • User drop down menus: It’s now easier to select assignees and email addresses
  • User and Email preferences: You now have enhanced control over your preferences

For a complete description of the new features in 2.20, please check out

We’ve always believed that oDesk should offer value-added services and tools that will help our users be successful in any projects that are performed through the our system. Internally, we have made full use of Bugzilla to track all of our tasks and bugs. For us, we’ve found that 100% adoption of the tools and process has greatly helped improve our overall efficiency. Whether you decide to use oDesk’s version of Bugzilla or your own tools, we hope you find best practices that work for you and your team.