All Things Upwork
July 11, 2007 by oDesk

We recently made an update to the feedback system to accurately calculate affiliate feedback scores. As most of you have probably figured out by now, the individual feedback scores are weighted on a dollars-earned basis.

For example, if I’ve completed 2 projects:

Project X: $5,000 earned. 5-star feedback
Project Y: $100 earned. 1-star feedback

My total feedback score would be a (($5000 * 5) + ($100 * 1)) / ($5000 + $100) = 4.92

The feedback score for affiliates has historically been calculated as a simple average of the feedback scores of the individual affiliate contractors. It has been updated to be dollars-weighted for all projects completed by the affiliate contractors, past and present.

For most affiliates, this should not cause a significant change in total feedback score in either direction, but you may notice that it has moved slightly.