All Things Upwork
September 12, 2007 by oDesk

Increases in weekly limits will now take effect immediately! No more waiting until the following Monday to get back on a regular work schedule. Any decreases in weekly limits will still take effect the Monday after the limit change.

How will it work going forward?

Please note that the 2 overtime hours in the example above will not be billed, but any hours worked after the limit change will be billed and paid as regular hours.

Buyers can change weekly limits at any time from the My Assignments tab.

Why did we do this?

Back when we first planned this feature, we thought the best approach would be to enforce all changes in the next week. We felt that would be a fair approach to allow buyers and providers to agree on expected weekly workloads and not allow for frequent and erratic changes in weekly limits.

However, a number of buyers have used the limits in a manner we did not fully expect. On initial hire, the buyers may set a relatively low weekly limit and raise it once they feel more comfortable with the provider. Frequently, these increases are happening within just a couple days after the start date. So, we’ve changed the functionality to allow increases to take effect immediately. We believe this is a win-win feature for buyers and providers.