All Things Upwork

This morning we announced the launch of a Facebook developer skills test.  The test is the first and only skills test designed to help businesses hire the most talented Facebook application developers.  See the full release here.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a rapid increase in Facebook development job opportunities.  The test provides a great new tool to oDesk buyers who want another data point to evaluate a developer’s Facebook-book development skills.  As is the case with all of oDesk’s 103 skills tests, you can easily search the oDesk provider database to find providers that have passed the test.

If you are a provider with Facebook development skills, you can take the test for free.  Upon test completion, you can choose whether or not to display your score on your profile.

And while we’re talking about Facebook development skills, it’s also worth mentioning that our friend, Dave McClure, has announced an interesting new conference that will be of interest to Facebook developers and those that love them.  Graphing Social Patterns is a conference for developers and marketers on how to build and distribute apps for the Facebook Platform. 

Brian Goler


Brian Goler served as Vice President of Marketing at oDesk. Brian has more than 15 years of management experience spanning several online community and publishing businesses. Brian co-founded and launched YorZ, an online community dedicated to helping people advance their careers. He held several senior positions at LookSmart including Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Senior Vice President of Product since January 2001 and… read more