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Ready to optimize your site so that you get a notable increase in traffic? Here are some ways to boost your SEO. Want to learn more? We’ve also included a list of resources if you want to delve deeper.

1. Links! Links! Links!

— First, do your research. Use this cool backlink search tool to find out who is linking to you and what kind of anchor text they are using.

— Next, hire a provider to compile and organize a list of sites your competitors are linked to. Have the provider find the contact information for those sites.

— Finally, the pitch. Find a provider knowledgeable in SEO who can pitch your site to the owners of your competitor’s sites. SEO Moz, a blog on all things SEO has a great post on link building. Beware of spamming, though. Nobody likes that.

2. Blog Away. Write content that is interesting, controversial, or funny and people will link to you. Not the best writer? Find a blogger on oDesk. Find bloggers you like that talk about your industry and link to them. Most bloggers religiously check their backlinks, so they’ll link to you too if they like your site or product.

3. Make Your Anchor Text Relevant. Missing valuable keywords on your pages? Do you have a lot of “click here” and “learn more” links on your site? Hire a copywriter to get rid of them and include anchor text that is relevant and descriptive about your company and product.

4. Do Some On-Site Cleanup. Crawlers read text only, so make sure your text is positioned properly on the page so that it is easily read by users and crawlers. Use Semantic HTML and CSS to make sure crawlers have no problems finding the right content.

We’ve included only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO, but here are some resources to check out if you’re interested in learning more:

Does this all seem a little overwhelming to you? Don’t have time for SEO? There are SEO consultants on oDesk who can help you with many of these strategies. Or, submit questions to the people at SEO Forums to get some clarification.