All Things Upwork
December 4, 2007 by oDesk

What is it?

Going on vacation this holiday season? Taking time off? Providers can now inform current and future buyers that they’ll be taking a leave of absence.

  • Indicate the dates you will be on leave on your provider profile.
  • Send emails to current buyers when you decide to take a leave through our automated system.

Why did we do this?

Oftentimes providers are tagged as unresponsive because they are away for a few days and forget to notify buyers. We’ve made it easy to notify buyers and the rest of the oDesk network that you’re away from your computer.

What does it look like?

1. Sign into your provider console by going to
2. Click on the Profile and Settings Tab and locate the Provider Leave link on the Provider Console.

3. Check the box and select the dates of your leave by clicking on the pop-up calendars.

4. If you wish to let your current buyers know that you will be on leave, click “Yes” and an email will be sent to your buyers automatically. If you click “No,” you will be directed to your Profile information.

5. Under the My Profile link within Profile and Settings, you will now be able to see My Public Profile. The dates of your leave will appear under Weekly Availability. Your leave information will also appear in the Team Room.