All Things Upwork
by oDesk

What is it?

We have given our Provider Profiles a makeover! By organizing the profile into tabs, we have made it easier to find:

  • An Overview of the Profile
  • oDesk Work History
  • Resume
  • The Provider’s Tests and Certifications

We have also introduced the Provider Portfolio, which will allow providers to upload examples of their work (including graphics, Flash Animations, Word Docs, PDFs, etc.).

Why did we do this?

We thought the current provider profiles made it difficult to find important information, particularly because it was tricky to sort through all the text. We also wanted to give providers a way to showcase their previous work, particularly those who had not yet logged in many hours through oDesk and thus had a limited oDesk Work History. Solution: the Provider Portfolio!

What does it look like?

To see the new look of the Provider Profiles, click on the link on the top right hand side of your provider profile that says:

Try our new Profiles Beta!

You will be able to see the individual tabs with different parts of your profile as shown below:

Please note that in this release, you cannot access your new profile from the Profile Editor. To access your profile, go to public provider search.

To upload files to your Portfolio, access the Portfolio editor by logging into and selecting the Profile & Settings tab. Click Add or Edit under the Portfolio Projects section to add files or images and a description of the project.