All Things Upwork
January 9, 2008 by oDesk

What is it?

The merit-based job application quota limits the number of jobs providers can apply to on a weekly basis.

Why did we do this?

We believe that quality is critical to everyone and we want to reward quality providers. While we know that new providers on the oDesk network may have a difficult time getting their first jobs, we believe it is in their best interest to take online skill tests and thoughtfully apply to jobs.

Some buyers have been flooded with interview requests and cut-and-paste cover letters when they post a new job. Our current job quota is 20 jobs per week; this feature will change that.

We think that by instituting a merit-based job application quota, providers will more carefully select which jobs they will apply to.

How does it work?

The job application quota is based on the providerâs feedback score and the number of tests taken.

Providers who have not received any feedback can increase their job application quota by taking more online skill tests.

Providers who have received a low Feedback Score can raise their quota by accruing higher feedback numbers and raising their provider Feedback Score.

To calculate your job application quota, refer to the number of online skill tests you have taken and your total feedback score (if you have feedback).

Learn more about the job application quota.

How can I take online tests?

We have partnered with a vendor to provider over 100 different skill tests in a wide range of skills. To take tests, sign into and select the Provider Console. Look for the My Tests link on the left-hand side:

You can then select one of the dozens of tests we have available.

Learn more about online testing on oDesk.