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January 16, 2008 by oDesk

What is it?

We’ve released an update to our oDesk Team application called oDesk Pack and we’re looking for beta testers!

The new oDesk Pack comes in a single install package and also has a suite of new features, including:

  • Local ScreenSnap — Save your ScreenSnaps to your desktop
  • oDesk Preferences — Manage when applications launch and control the settings
  • oDesk Extras — Try Short URL for sending URLs over IM or email, CleanText if you’re copying any HTML to another document and Windows Manipulation hotkeys if you’re looking for faster ways to work
  • MiniCam — Use a webcam? Check whether your face is on the screen with MiniCam

If you are a Windows Vista user or have had problems with oDesk Team restarting, we recommend that you try this version of the oDesk Team application.

Where can I try it?

Download the new oDesk Pack and run odesksetup.exe. This should upgrade your oDesk Team client.

Love it? Have suggestions or problems? Tell us what you think in the community forums.

Learn more about the oDesk Pack and the new features!