All Things Upwork
by oDesk

We believe that the future of oDesk lies with its ecosystem of entrepreneurs, “power users” who can deliver results for buyers, provide meaningful and lucrative work for providers, and strengthen the quality of the entire network.

We have seen some of our most successful providers create and grow their own Companies on oDesk. We have seen buyers leverage oDesk to a whole new way of working with remote resources. And we have seen some users, often IT services companies themselves, work both as a Buyer and a Provider on oDesk.

The “Teams” initiative is our first release aimed at empowering more of this behavior. There are two goals of the initiative:

  1. Help buyers build larger remote teams through oDesk
  2. Enable providers and services companies build out teams of providers to better serve buyers’ needs

We have released the first phase of the initiative. Included features:

  • Act as a buyer and a provider under one account
  • Manage team permissions of your team members in the new “Team Admin” screen
  • Unify multiple accounts into one User ID

Learn more about the “Teams” initiative