All Things Upwork

This month, we launched the oConomy, a rich database that aims to maps out the oDesk global community. Check out the oConomy counter, tallying total service spending on projects via oDesk — more than $23 million and climbing! You can see how many providers are currently in our network, and even how many are working on projects right now. See how many jobs went up in the last 24 hours, and how big our provider network has become.

  • Understand global rate trends and statistics. View averages and distributions or rates by country. Buyers can see whether the providers they’re interviewing are in line with the global market, and providers can set their rates based on expertise in comparison with their peers.
  • Feedback stats chart the steady climb of buyer satisfaction since oDesk launched.
  • Chart the rising expertise of our provider network: Test statistics show you how many times providers have taken our skills tests — and how many times they’ve passed.
  • Where is everyone? Our global map of providers lets you click any of 90 countries to see how many providers are there, and check out their average rates and feedback scores. See which countries offer the best rates and earn the highest feedback. Russia, one of our largest provider bases, has 1,403 providers averaging $15 an hour and feedback scores of 4.1, while China hosts 229 providers, averaging $16 an hour and 4.5 in feedback.
  • Which top provider companies are the best choices for larger staffing needs? Which top-ranked providers give buyers the most satisfaction? What do the latest job post stats tell you about the market you’re hiring or working in?

We’re still unleashing the power of the oConomy, so explore the new features and drop us a line with your thoughts – and suggestions for the data you’d like to see!